Wednesday, 2 November 2016

Hide and seek

1 2 3 
we all scattered off, 
4 5 6 
where to go?  
7 8 9 
the green bush jumps into my mind 
Guys come here, 
I found a spot! 

There's complete silence apart from the
chirping birds. 
The ivy crawls up my leg 
a tickle runs up my spine. 
Everything is going great 
they haven't found us yet but… 

Stay down 
I can hear footsteps getting 
louder and louder and louder 
The big brown pools in her eyes 
look right into mine
or so I thought! 
I thought we had been found,
that was close. 

6 minutes later, 
the branches are poking me in all the rong places, 
duck down!

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