Tuesday, 20 September 2016

Lucie's speech

Reflection  on my speech 
This term all year 5 and 6s had to write a speech. Mine was on embarrassing family. I decided to do mine on embarrassing family because this problem needs to stop I mean it's just so.... EMBARRASSING. While I was writing my speech I was learning to use full stops and capital letters. Look I know you're thinking "I learnt that in year 1" but sometimes I forget. It-specially full stops! But that's not all I was learning I was also learning to use expression and be a little dramatic because when you use expression it not just reading off a bunch of Cue cards. it’s something  that makes it a speech. I think my speech went pretty well because I used  good language, I put my full stops and capital letters in the write place, the structure and content had a nice flow and my speech is well organised showing connections and flow between all important parts of speech structure also all of my ideas connect to the point of view and include factual information. I also used several language devices to persuade and connect with the audience for example I had 2 rhetorical  questions, I used exaggeration, repetition and much more that you will find in my speech and it has some good tips on how to manage your parents. So if you want to hear it click on the link below to listen or read it☺️⬇️


Speech reflection Have you ever noticed just how embarrassing parents are? but its not just parents its siblings too. Like when they're singing in the mall and everyone can hear them or when you have all your friend round and your brother starts dancing like this… or when your making a musical with your friends everythings going well  and then  your mum comes in and thinks this is a dab And your thinking “omg she did not just do that” Put your hands up if you have a Brother/sister and keep them up if sometimes they can get a little bit imbarising...yeah that's what I thought. So what would you do about it? Would you just sit there and let your face turn bright red like a tomato or would you be like me create a distraction to get them away? this is what I did when I wanted to distract mum.   “ oh mum look I think the meets burning u better go check on it! Oh no don't be silly its still got another 10 mins to cook! Great well that didn't work I guess I'll have to tell her to stop!”Anyway I've learnt from last time lucie don't worry I won't burn the meet anyway I shal keep dancing”☺️ no you shal not look I know that was a bit rude but I couldn't just stand there and die of embarrassment anyway let's keep going.here some tips on how to stop your parents or siblings:

1 talk to them don't just stand there like a monkey say mum or dad or whoever it is next time could maybe not dance infront of everyone it kinda embarrassed me. 

2. create a distraction and get them to move away somehow just like I did earlier on.

3.try 1 and 2 together and if that doesn't work come up to me and I'll give u some more ideas.

So next time your parents are singing in the mall or do an embarrassing dab try those strategies. No but seriously if your parents are bugging you and making you so embarrassed take my advice and JUST TALK TO THEM!!! 

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