Sunday, 10 April 2016

Mum poem

The sun shines on her hair as a glimpse of blonde reflects on me. The sea is wavy much like her hair. Her eyes sparkle like the glitter in my room. The sound of her laughter has always been my favourite song. She smells like a dozen daisies. In saying that she puts on too much Kylie perfume.

I love the way she always carries around her laughter. Whenever she speaks she always has a speck of happiness.  And I love that whenever a Kylie song comes on she starts dancing.

My mum is so funny she's always making people laugh or smile and she is so good at saving dad once he's done a dad joke. Mum is a massive fan of the Wizard of Oz and Kylie Minogue. She’s often found drinking out of a Kylie or Wizard of Oz mug, or with her little thumbs bouncing up and down on that old phone of hers.

This is my soundscape!

1 comment:

  1. I like how you said " the sun shines on her hair as a glimpse of blond reflects on me "
    Nice job Lucie. ☺️