Monday, 14 March 2016

Creepy cat poem

His pixel face stares 
right at me 
I can feel him 
trying to steal my soul 
like the creepy teddy bear in my room 

I’m looking around the art museum 
as I catch a glimpse 
of that creepy pixel eyed soul-stealing cat 
As I try to escape 
from the picture 

I walk over to check out this piece of art

The deafening sound 
of his voice 
Is deeper than the ocean.

Hearing his voice made me 
begin to wonder…

Why would he want to escape?
Why does this cat not want to be seen?
Who’s the dark person that last touched this cat’s soul?

In this poem I have been learning to use similes and metaphors for example: It was that creepy cat again his ears were twitching like a cheetah.
 My poem is currently relational because I have seven ideas and I can connect it to another time in my life. I think I've done pretty well with using similes and metaphors.


  1. Well done lucie I think you have worked very hard I got creeped out it is a very descriptive it gave me goose bumps I am wondering what the answers to those questions.

  2. Fantastic job Lucie.
    I love the part where you said that the deafening sound of his voice is deeper then the ocean.I also like the part when you said the three questions at the end why would he escape? Such a mystery. I also liked the part where you said his pixel pace stares at me I can feel him trying to feel his soal. Well done now when I go home I want to see I my cats a creepy cat.