Wednesday, 2 November 2016

Hide and seek

1 2 3 
we all scattered off, 
4 5 6 
where to go?  
7 8 9 
the green bush jumps into my mind 
Guys come here, 
I found a spot! 

There's complete silence apart from the
chirping birds. 
The ivy crawls up my leg 
a tickle runs up my spine. 
Everything is going great 
they haven't found us yet but… 

Stay down 
I can hear footsteps getting 
louder and louder and louder 
The big brown pools in her eyes 
look right into mine
or so I thought! 
I thought we had been found,
that was close. 

6 minutes later, 
the branches are poking me in all the rong places, 
duck down!

Tuesday, 20 September 2016

Lucie's speech

Reflection  on my speech 
This term all year 5 and 6s had to write a speech. Mine was on embarrassing family. I decided to do mine on embarrassing family because this problem needs to stop I mean it's just so.... EMBARRASSING. While I was writing my speech I was learning to use full stops and capital letters. Look I know you're thinking "I learnt that in year 1" but sometimes I forget. It-specially full stops! But that's not all I was learning I was also learning to use expression and be a little dramatic because when you use expression it not just reading off a bunch of Cue cards. it’s something  that makes it a speech. I think my speech went pretty well because I used  good language, I put my full stops and capital letters in the write place, the structure and content had a nice flow and my speech is well organised showing connections and flow between all important parts of speech structure also all of my ideas connect to the point of view and include factual information. I also used several language devices to persuade and connect with the audience for example I had 2 rhetorical  questions, I used exaggeration, repetition and much more that you will find in my speech and it has some good tips on how to manage your parents. So if you want to hear it click on the link below to listen or read it☺️⬇️


Speech reflection Have you ever noticed just how embarrassing parents are? but its not just parents its siblings too. Like when they're singing in the mall and everyone can hear them or when you have all your friend round and your brother starts dancing like this… or when your making a musical with your friends everythings going well  and then  your mum comes in and thinks this is a dab And your thinking “omg she did not just do that” Put your hands up if you have a Brother/sister and keep them up if sometimes they can get a little bit imbarising...yeah that's what I thought. So what would you do about it? Would you just sit there and let your face turn bright red like a tomato or would you be like me create a distraction to get them away? this is what I did when I wanted to distract mum.   “ oh mum look I think the meets burning u better go check on it! Oh no don't be silly its still got another 10 mins to cook! Great well that didn't work I guess I'll have to tell her to stop!”Anyway I've learnt from last time lucie don't worry I won't burn the meet anyway I shal keep dancing”☺️ no you shal not look I know that was a bit rude but I couldn't just stand there and die of embarrassment anyway let's keep some tips on how to stop your parents or siblings:

1 talk to them don't just stand there like a monkey say mum or dad or whoever it is next time could maybe not dance infront of everyone it kinda embarrassed me. 

2. create a distraction and get them to move away somehow just like I did earlier on.

3.try 1 and 2 together and if that doesn't work come up to me and I'll give u some more ideas.

So next time your parents are singing in the mall or do an embarrassing dab try those strategies. No but seriously if your parents are bugging you and making you so embarrassed take my advice and JUST TALK TO THEM!!! 

Thursday, 7 July 2016



New Zealand has a big problem. The problem is racism. An estimated 77,700 people or 2.3% of people, reported experiencing racial discrimination in New Zealand. Lately people have been prejudged here in Christchurch. And it's not  a very good feeling. If you want to hear more interesting stuff about being prejudged, how to make migrants feel welcome, what not to do when someone new comes to the city I seriously suggest you keep reading.

Prejudice is when you give someone a label without meeting them properly. If you really look around, you really see that everyone gets prejudged even you. And it's beyond ok.Prejudice is when you’re giving someone a label when you haven't even meet them on the inside. Unfortunately we don't always have power of whether we judge people or not. Sometimes we just do. We judge people just when we catch a glimpse of them. We also prejudge people when we hear others around us talking about them because it influences our brains to think about them in ways that we necessarily shouldn't. 

Being prejudice is judging people using sexism, racism, ageism, and much more. The effect is that it is hurting people's feelings. And because you do it to them, they'll do it to you. An example is there was a little girl from Iran went to school and a boy walked over to her and said do you have a bomb in your lunchbox? Just because she was from Iran. Firstly, Iran is very nice country. It's the government who is making it a bad place for some people. And secondly, just because a country is bad, doesn't mean the people are.

There are many ways to make migrants to New Zealand feel welcome. Some ways are starting a conversation with them, waving as you go past, even just smiling at them can make their day. Just do anything to make them feel welcome and remember that they don't have to be new, they could have lived here for 13 years. It doesn't matter, always smile and be kind because it doesn't no matter who they are. Migrant or not!!

This is an example of what NOT to do when trying to welcome a migrant…
Don't just stare at them like they're a shiny toy in the shop that you want. DON'T make fun of the colour they are. DON’T mock their language and if they’re alone at break time, don't just walk past and keep watching them. Be nice and ask them if they want to play with you. It doesn't matter whether they're a boy or a girl, whether they’re younger or older whether they’re a different race or not, you always ask them to play or if they are ok.

Some things that makes migrants feel alienated is frowning at them, staring at them, whispering and pointing out differences. These ideas are all connected because they are all being mean but from a distance NOT up close. It really stinks when people are making fun of you from a distance but when people come up to you in person and do negative things it is 10 times worse. Here’s some examples. Saying do you have a bomb in your lunch box or making fun of the colour of their skin. The effect is broken hearts and feeling like you don’t belong.

Something that makes immigrants feel welcome:
People being friendly,smiling, including them, inviting them to have tea and coffee or inviting them to a birthday party or even asking if they want a play. That's the kinda thing people should be saying.

Albert Einstein once said “People do not destroy the world by what they say. People destroy it by not saying nothing, just watching”. When the whole world is silent one voice speaks up. It's important to stand up against prejudice because If no one does who else will? We can change the way people think. Include people and maybe, just maybe, the people around you will too.


Monday, 30 May 2016

The death slide

I'm sooo scared. Why did I sign up for this? I'm petrified. I can't believe people pay to do this. More importantly, why did I pay to do this!? 

If you don't know what the heck I'm talking about I'll tell you. It was a nice summer day and I was at clip n climb. I stepped in the overalls. My heart was beating so loud I could hear it. My first step on the slide a cloud of shadows bunched over me 50 kids staring right at me. I clung my hands onto the handlebars. 

They pull me up. I was shaking so much it felt like I was on a boat. As I reach level 3 I feel the urge to drop, but my cousin and Aunty were screaming “You can do it Lu!” so I grip the handlebars even more tightly and then DROP! 

I run up to my cuz and give her a big hug. 
“What are you doing?” she said. 
“I made it to the top!” 
“No you didn't, you only made it halfway” 
The big smile on my face drops. 
“But you still have one more turn. This time I know you'll make it to the top.”

I step on that death slide for the second time. My hands grip onto the handlebars again, still shaking, and this time I was sweating too. Going up again, past level 4. Yay, everything going well, till…. DROP!! 

Did I do it? Did I do it!? 
“You made it to level 6! You were so close!” 
I have one more go. Let's  make it count. Everything’s in slow motion. I step on that death slide like I'm moon walking. It's happening. I'm going up like a rocket. Everybody's screaming “You can do it!”  in really deep voices. 
I reach level 7. I have to drop but I see the look on my cousin's face. I couldn't let her down. I look up slowly, knowing it's going to be my last action. Everything stops. The lady yells “Let go!” so I did.

I run up to my cousin. 
“I'm so sorry, I promise I'll make it to the top next time” 
“Wait what are you talking about? You made it to the top.” 
WHAT!!! I'm so proud of myself ,I feel on top of the world. Time to do do my happy dance 

I did it I did it!! 
“Man I couldn't have done any of this without you, thanks Lis” ☺️☺️☺️☺️

                   My reflection 

When writing I was learning to show emotion, not tell. For example: Like instead of saying I was scared you could say a shiver runs down my spine. 
I think that I did well because I also improved on my punctuation and using better words. My next step is to be able to connect my ideas to a different time in my life. 

Sunday, 10 April 2016

Mum poem

The sun shines on her hair as a glimpse of blonde reflects on me. The sea is wavy much like her hair. Her eyes sparkle like the glitter in my room. The sound of her laughter has always been my favourite song. She smells like a dozen daisies. In saying that she puts on too much Kylie perfume.

I love the way she always carries around her laughter. Whenever she speaks she always has a speck of happiness.  And I love that whenever a Kylie song comes on she starts dancing.

My mum is so funny she's always making people laugh or smile and she is so good at saving dad once he's done a dad joke. Mum is a massive fan of the Wizard of Oz and Kylie Minogue. She’s often found drinking out of a Kylie or Wizard of Oz mug, or with her little thumbs bouncing up and down on that old phone of hers.

This is my soundscape!

Monday, 14 March 2016

Creepy cat poem

His pixel face stares 
right at me 
I can feel him 
trying to steal my soul 
like the creepy teddy bear in my room 

I’m looking around the art museum 
as I catch a glimpse 
of that creepy pixel eyed soul-stealing cat 
As I try to escape 
from the picture 

I walk over to check out this piece of art

The deafening sound 
of his voice 
Is deeper than the ocean.

Hearing his voice made me 
begin to wonder…

Why would he want to escape?
Why does this cat not want to be seen?
Who’s the dark person that last touched this cat’s soul?

In this poem I have been learning to use similes and metaphors for example: It was that creepy cat again his ears were twitching like a cheetah.
 My poem is currently relational because I have seven ideas and I can connect it to another time in my life. I think I've done pretty well with using similes and metaphors.

Thursday, 18 February 2016

Where does my heart lie ?

          Where does my heart lie?
Where harakeke dances in the warm summer breeze 
reaching out to touch me as 
it casts a dark shadow over the ground. 

Where toe toe bounces up and down nicking it while walking past.
It brings me to a beach world, 
where toe toe can grow and wave their hair hello.

Where the cabbage tree stretches out to poke me with its pointy end 
as sharp as my dogs nails 
Pulling me to a world of the park where the cabbage tree asks me: 

Where does my heart lie?
Well, wherever my friends and family are.


I am learning to use personification but not just in 
poem’s in my other writing to.
I am going well because I've been working on a poem and that 
was the perfect time to try personification 
for example: it was a windy day I went for a walk
as the wind pulled me more and more towards it.
My next step is to be able to connect my ideas I already have many 
I just need to be able to connect them.